So what is Exclusive London Douglas Motorcycle Club?

The name of Douglas may not be familiar with many motorcyclists. It is one of the less known British motorcycle manufacturers who operated in the market from 1907 to 1957. Its models are quite innovative and those who own a Douglas machine can vouch for it.

Douglas had always been a small company apart from their productions during First World War. Yet the number of models it produced over the years can give even the biggest companies a run for their money.

There were 13 different Douglas motorcycles with capacities from 150 cc to 750 cc. Some of the bikes had chain drives while others were driven by belts. The company even had OHV models and bikes with side valves all at the same time during their production years.

Today the motorcycles are the envy of the owners and items to be treasured.

London Douglas Motorcycle Club

Douglas fans and followers have their very own exclusive club based in London. The London Douglas Motorcycle Club serves as the international club for the members and owners. There are many other chapters of the club located at various places all over the UK.


Douglas motorcycles became popular during the 1920s winning many races and creating records. This led to the establishment of the London Douglas M.C.C. in 1928. The club was sponsored by the company and had very few members in the initial years.

During the next decade the club organized regular events like rallies, day trips, weekend gateways which attracted a huge number of new members. But unfortunately things took a turn for the worse during the war and the club was forced to close down.

But due to the efforts of few determined members, the Douglas Club was reestablished. Members started pouring in once again with hosting of sporting, touring and social events. New sections of the club were also opened at other places of the country. During 1960, new chapters of London Douglas M.C.C. were established in Hampshire and Bristol.

The 1970s saw a decline in biking interest but the club was kept alive by some 100 dedicated members. After a passage of few years the club again gained popularity and members started increasing. New clubs were also opened in other countries and today, there are ten active Douglas clubs in the UK.


The London Douglas M.C.C. today has more than 1,100 members across the globe. It organizes regular events, meetups and rallies in which many members take part. For the moment there are a broad range of sports activities that you can try: tennis, football, and basketball, and for those who lean toward to different type of games, there is always opportunity to  entertain yourself checking a website ValleyGames, where you will find recommendations for choosing your best online casino.

An annual rally is arranged during June or July every year which spans over two days. It gives a great opportunity to see the Douglas beauties on display. There are several competitions and activities for both adults and children ending with an award ceremony.

The different chapters of the club also arrange rallies and meets in their local area all over the year. Members also take part in dinners, camping weekends and long distance runs from time to time.

Overall, the club takes part in a wide range of activities.